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April 8, 2016

Men of Midas Top 10
January 1, 2016

Men of Midas Ranks 11-25
December 21, 2015

Men of Midas Series Coming Soon
December 12, 2015

New Feature: Formations View
November 17, 2015

Get ready for FIFA 16 with 2 secret lists of Career Mode Gems!
September 16, 2015

EA released 2 lists of prime pickups for Career Mode!

Career Mode Top Growth Potential
Career Mode Top Youngsters

Angers Career Mode #2
September 10, 2015

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September 4, 2015

Fun with MegaPacks
August 28, 2015

Angers SCO Career Mode!
August 24, 2015

FifaRosters is on Youtube!
August 13, 2015

Sorting on Team Roster page
April 30, 2015

Several people have asked for the ability to sort directly on the Team Roster page. Today I added the first stage of that. It's just a single sort filter, but hopefully it helps you make some decisions on your team. Right now it's just attributes, but soon I will add physical stats and maybe some other stuff if it makes sense.

My Account page with US / Metric measurement setting
April 25, 2015

Had a recent request to allow users to input height and width in US customary units (feet, inches, lbs) rather than metric (cm, kg). I thought that seemed very sensible since around half of the users of this site are US based. The change required some necessary housekeeping though. As a result, there is a new page for you to see your account information and manage your settings. The page is pretty basic right now, it's main function is to allow you to set US Customary or Metric measurement units and what card style you want to see. In the future, this will be the home for preferences and settings across the site.

Your account page (if you're logged in)

Careers and Teams
December 13, 2014

Something that was asked for a lot as the site was really starting to pick up steam was the ability to have multiple careers. Some people resorted to registering multiple user accounts so that they could have more than one careers. Personally, I never really understood the draw – I always play one career at a time – but adding careers and teams was a very important piece to organizing the database properly and setting the site up for continued growth in the right ways.

There are plenty of things that are not quite finished with the process, but I have been working on it for so long, I'm done polishing it. I'm pretty sure I've covered all the bases for necessary functionality. The bugs might start flowing in, but that's how I know what needs fixing. Be sure to let me know if something seems amiss.

Manage your careers and teams

Comparison Tool Added
October 5, 2014

I added a player comparison tool today. Still going to add a few more tweaks to it, but it is functional so I opened it up for use. You will see that the "Compare" button on the player page is now working.

Compare Player Tool

State of the site & upcoming changes
September 7, 2014

First of all, thank you for coming to the site and for clicking on the News link. I know there's often little reason to click "News" when you're on a web app, but I want to let people know what's happening and what's coming up for the site.

FIFA Rosters currently has 2991 managers registered and 107308 players in the system!

I'm so excited that you and many others are enjoying using the site. I am currently developing this site by myself, so it can be pretty slow-going at times and I apologize for that. In order to facilitate you guys – the users – getting more of what you want out of this site, I am going to have occasional voting polls so you can show me what is most important to you.

On to the updates!

These are a few of the features in development or at least on the roadmap for future improvements to Fifa Rosters.

  • Sharing & Commenting

    Everything is more fun together. People coming from reddit.com/r/FifaCareers sometimes share screenshots from their careers or images of FUT cards from their career players. Fifa Rosters will soon allow you to use a shortlink to publicly share your teams and players.

    Also, there will be a comments section for each team and each player. Have discussions with your friends about your growing youth star or new formation.

  • Formations

    Play with your formation and see the hidden potential of trying players at different positions.

  • Compare players directly

    Sometimes you just need to compare two or three players directly to see who is going to get the starting position.

  • Improvements to Stat Entry

    Entering stats is probably the most time consuming part of the whole process. It takes so much effort, even I groan when I need to add or update players. Unfortunately, not much can be done about that yet. I dream of an OCR function that will allow us to simply take a picture of our players stat screen and the system will automatically recognize and update the player... hopefully someday.

    On a positive note, I plan to make starting a team a bit easier by prefilling your roster with the full team (stats and all).

  • Multiple Teams Per User

    I know some of you have registered multiple user accounts so that you can manage more than one career at a time. Way to be innovative :) I'm sorry that the lack of functionality has pushed you to having to do that. I will be adding the ability to manage multiple teams under one user account soon!

  • Transfer Tracker

    Do you ever see one of your old players playing for another team and have a moment of nostalgia? – "Ah, ol' Santos, he really helped me get promoted to Football League 1. Hope he's well." Transfer Tracker will be a history of your previous players. Browse them for nostalgia, remember who you sold them to and for how much, or just check in on players you have out on loan to plan for next season's roster.

    As a similar but different part of this, I'd like to add a "scrapbook" piece so you can save "snapshots" of your team with notes. Look back at the team that won you your first League Title or the one year that you owned every superstar at once.

Technical tidbits

I hope to move some or all of the codebase to github so that interested developers can contribute to improvements.

If you are a designer or developer that is interested in helping improve the site, please get in touch with me

Thanks for reading and being a part of this site,
Thomas Rye

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